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Founded by Kaya Brown-Hallam, a Dancer, Actor & Model. She always felt her style was much like her heritage; a mixing pot of cultures, a bit of everything... and as most creatives do, an Oddity. Never quite fitting into a box. Order of Oddities plans to mirror this in each capsule they release. They only ever do small runs, known as slow fashion which ensures high quality in their garments. They call them Capsule lines. They connect to many different styles, eras and cultures, enabling the Oddities of the world to come together and have access to clothes that really can express their individuality.

The Fashion, Art, Beauty & music world are all beautifully intertwined. Being a multifaceted clothing label it enables them to unite the Oddities of the world to celebrate and ignite the power that makes us stronger together. 

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A creative studio specialising in Branding, Photography, Art and Design by Sammy Leigh Scholl. South African artist and creative of many talents based in Bristol, UK.


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