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Guinness helps fans and artists ‘make more of music.’ But what does this mean exactly? Here, ‘more’ means quality not quantity. It means deeper, substantial, meaningful, passionate, insightful: intimate. It means that behind every track, there’s an interesting story. It means knowing all the words leads to an enriched concert experience. It means discovering a band always goes further than their released tracks. It means music is never consumed: it’s felt. That’s how we get to Music Made of More.

The visual needed to incorporate ‘energy, movement and communion’ – communion is the getting together of friends/strangers connecting/chatting/laughing/socializing.

This key visual design concept is based on a mandala / kaleidoscope design the symbol of the universe -
In this case it's the Guinness Amplify Music Universe of energy, movement and communion.

Creative Director
Carolyn Stone


Designed at Momentum London

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