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Alchemy of design

My design process is the alchemy of a thoughtful discovery process, market research, and visual storytelling. I’m passionate about small businesses and creative individuals. I love being a part of the journey you’re on and helping you create a beautiful visual identity that expresses the essence of who you are and what you do.

My creative goal

To deliver unique pieces of art swiftly, competently and specifically crafted for your brands' needs. I help small businesses who are making waves. Online or physical, virtual or tactile, every brand I create is designed with thoughtful intention and a steadfast belief in their endless possibility. Creating brands that inspire audiences.

Why choose me

I believe in creating designs that are filled with life and purpose - that pushes the boundaries for what creative content can do for a brand. I specialise in building strategic brands for conscious creatives that share my values, passion and drive. My dream is to work with businesses that are creating their own world. I work internationally, spreading love and magic of intuitive creativity.

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Whether you’re a dreamer, a doer, or a wholehearted mix of both, we’ll create your brand of tomorrow — together.

Trust the magic of new beginnings!


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A creative studio specialising in Branding, Photography, Art and Design by Sammy Leigh Scholl. South African artist and creative of many talents based in Bristol, UK. 

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